Thanksgiving Nail Polish Picks

Thanksgiving Nail Polish Picks

  1. Butter London Wallis. The olive tone of this polish makes it more interesting than your typical gold.
  2. Essie Beyond Cozy. This one is for all of you out there that are only excited for Thanksgiving because, once its over, you can go into full Christmas mode.
  3. Zoya Stacy. This is a burgundy that leans more red than the picture shows. Think of it as cranberry sauce on your nails.
  4. OPI Ski Teal We Drop. We can’t have all reds on this list, so I threw in something for all of the blue fans out there. This dark shade is much more wearable than some of the bright blues of spring and summer, so it’s also great for those of you who are a little scared to stray away from reds and pinks.
  5. Covergirl Timeless Rubies. Of all of the polishes on the list, this is the most obvious Thanksgiving choice. It’s a gorgeous shimmery red-brown and, being a drug store option, is easy to find.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Nail Polish Picks

  1. I love the OPI blue color =) It’s nice to see something bold but not red! I have Essie’s beyond cozy and it’s great! Sometimes I paint only two fingernails with this glittery shade to make it more fun =)

  2. Hi Sarah! I get gel/shellac polish and I have a couple of questions I bet you can help with!
    The normal nail salons are kind of gross from a hygiene perspective to me. I can’t afford the fancy spa setting every 2 weeks…so, I am thinking of buying a UV light and the polish so that I can do the shellac/gel nails at home and stay away from other people’s nail fungus (ew). When I went to research this, I found some info on the dangers of this type of manicure (chemical, damage to nail bed, UV exposure wrinking hands), and a new alternative polish that stays on really well, it came out in November I think. What do you think about all of this?

    • I don’t typically do the salon thing just because I like painting my nails and I can do it myself for much cheaper. As far as the at home gel nails go, I do know a couple people who do it and are really happy with the results. I don’t do it myself for a few reasons. I change my nail polish often, so I rarely need my manicure to last 2 weeks, and I don’t want to be limited by whatever colors are sold as the gel formula. Gel nails are harder on your nails and require a soak in acetone to remove them, so it can cause thinning, dryness, and irritation. With the UV lamp, the amount of exposure is relatively low, but I would definitely wear sunscreen on my hands. Some people also wear gloves with the fingers cut out for an extra layer of protection. I’m not familiar with the new nail polish, so I’d love a link if you have one! Ultimately, painting your nails regardless of the method definitely isn’t a health practice. I like it and it’s fun, so I just try to mitigate as many risks as possible by using brands that are free of some of the harsher chemicals and leaving the nail salon and gel nails as a special occasion thing. If you want your manicure to last 2 weeks and think the at home kit is worth the investment for you, then I would say just be cautious and make sure to pay attention to your nails and give them a break as needed. For me the risk is too high and the benefit too low because of my frequent repainting that it’s never been worth it to me.

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