October 2013 Favorites

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7 Tips for Easier Meal Planning!

plannerI’m sad to say that there is no Body Revolution post for today. 😦 The muscle I hurt in my back a few months ago was bothering me and I did NOT want to go down that road again. Pain + not being able to do anything except lay around was not what I wanted. Instead, I did some walking and gave myself a break. Real life here people. Things will pick back up this week so we will be on track to talk about week 10 next Monday.

So, instead of exercise, let’s talk about food! If you are a regular reader, you know I’m all about scratch-cooking and making as much stuff yourself as you can. It’s definitely a constant process, and I am always evolving in this area, but those slow gradual changes are what make things stick. As you begin to make more and more things yourself, there is one thing you can’t deny: eating whole, real food does require more time in the kitchen than popping a frozen entree in the microwave. Now, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Why should something as important as the food we eat become another chore or afterthought? Still, I also know that we are all incredibly busy and with so many responsibilities, some things are gonna fall by the wayside. While I can’t eliminate your need to cook all together, I do have some tips that I think make things a whole lot easier.
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Say Hello To The Kitties!

If you love pictures of cute animals, this is for you! Now that we’ve had Moxie for a couple weeks and our second cat for a week, I thought I would share some pics. They are just too precious!


I’m also proud to say that little Moxie hasn’t had any potty accidents in a week and is now allowed full reign of the house at night! No more being stuck in the bathroom for her! Continue reading

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Today’s post is in keeping with the typical fall theme of pumpkin spice.  When making these cookies, I made sure to work with real ingredients, as usual. One thing I can’t stand is those recipes (that you often see on Pinterest) where the image says something like “Easy Recipe With Only 2 Ingredients.” It sounds interesting until you click and realize that one of the “ingredients” is a box of cake mix. Cake mix is not an ingredient people! I mean, it actually confuses me a bit. How hard is it to measure out flour, baking powder, baking soda, and spices? The boxed stuff just doesn’t seem that much more convenient to me, especially when you consider the quality of ingredients that are typically used.

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Week 9: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

This week, I started my third and final month of Body Revolution! Here’s the schedule:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Schedule Weeks 9 and 10

With the start of this final month, things got intense. Of course it always gets harder with each new set of workouts, but the last month of this program is serious business. I’ve done it twice before, but it still surprises me every time. Despite how challenging the workouts are, if you’ve been sticking to the program and pushing yourself all the way, you’ll be ready for it. I think a good illustration of just how hard it gets is that exercises that were part of the main workout in previous weeks become the warm-up moves for these workouts. Jillian don’t play. Continue reading

Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

With Halloween quickly approaching, today I want to share the YouTube love and direct you to some fun tutorials to help you celebrate! I’m a YouTube junkie and these are a few of the videos from my subscription feed that I thought y’all might like. Enjoy!

1. If you still need costume ideas, here are three that could be fun to try. Whether you want to go the scary, cute, or Duck Dynasty route is up to you.

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