Should You Try a Menstrual Cup?


What are your thoughts on menstrual cups? Share in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Should You Try a Menstrual Cup?

  1. Ok I have a few things to say about this–first of all, I love the idea of this, and I came very close to purchasing my own (at the prompting of that converted friend ;), but then decided not to because of a horror story I heard online with a girl who had odor issues with it. Have you seen or read anything about why that may have been a problem for her? I know with the silicon, it shouldn’t, especially if you’re taking care of it and cleaning it properly. Maybe it was just her body. Another thing I want to point out is that, should there be any haters (haha), there is nothing gross or unnatural about this. It is a body process that (almost) every woman goes through, and I applaud you for making this video and explaining it to us, even if it is a bit personal. I agree that to use this product, one must be very comfortable with their own bodies, and some women aren’t. But there are numerous benefits to this product–ones you didn’t even mention! So thank you for giving your input on it. And finally, I just want to say that you are looking really great Sarah. I think it is so cool what you are doing with your blog and these videos, and I applaud you for giving us all this wonderful information!

    • Thanks Chelsea! I appreciate all of your kind words and I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts! As far as the odor issue, I did see one video on YouTube, but, frankly, the girl was so sassy I couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing. I’m not really sure why that would be an issue for someone, especially if she has used tampons with success and is using the product properly. With that said, I’m obviously not an expert on the matter. All I know is, I haven’t had any trouble with that. πŸ™‚

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