Week 6: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

This week was rough as far as exercise was concerned. Definitely the worst week yet. Here’s what the schedule was supposed to be (I didn’t stick to it very well):


I don’t know what was up this week. After last week being so crazy and requiring so much dedication to get my workouts in, this week was just the opposite. We were getting back to normal life after a busy few weeks and there wasn’t anything to get in the way of my workouts. However, I was exhausted and just not feeling it. I skipped on Monday with the idea to just push everything back a day. I was tired, my knees hurt, I needed a break. But then Tuesday came and I was considering skipping again. Thank goodness for Jasen encouraging me to get my pump on because it meant I went though with my workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He even joined me once. We also went for a few evening walks to enjoy the fall weather. At this point, as long as I did my workouts on Friday and Saturday, I would have made it through the week with only the last cardio session missed. But that’s not what I did. Friday I skipped. I could just exercise on Saturday and Sunday. Then Saturday got busy and I didn’t work out that day either. Ugh. Why could I not get my butt in gear?

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5 Fall Recipes


Just like everyone else, I’m super excited for fall! Today, I thought I would share five recipes that are on my list to try out. I’ve also created a Pinterest board dedicated to this topic, so I’ll keep adding recipes as I find them. 🙂 Continue reading

How To Make Yogurt at Home

yogurtbreakfastToday I have something super exciting to share with you guys! For the past month or so I’ve ventured into the world of yogurt making and, let me tell you, it’s amazing! Now, if you know me well, you know that I’m a big fan of making things yourself. Store-bought foods usually don’t stand up in terms of flavor or what’s good for your health. Despite this, yogurt making seemed a little too daunting for me. I mean, super weird people make their own yogurt right? Well I’m here to prove that wrong! Or to prove that I’m super weird. I’ll let you decide. Continue reading

Week 5: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Hope you all had a great weekend! Today I’m talking about Week 5 of Body Revolution, which brought on new strength DVDs as well as a new cardio workout. Here’s the schedule:


The week started off on the wrong foot. I woke up on Monday with a huge cramp in my neck. I used heat, stretching, and some massage, but it was not budging. I hoped that it might get better over the course of the day, but that didn’t happen either. Result: no workout on Monday. I decided not being able to move my head up and down or side to side probably wasn’t that best thing to push. It was frustrating. I hate starting the week behind like that.
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