My Weekend In Food

This weekend, my maid of honor came to visit. We did of course do lots of wedding talk, but we also got some good food in while she was here. I don’t often do “this is what I ate today” kind of blogs, but this weekend we ate a couple of things that are definitely worthy of such a post.

We were lucky enough that the Greek Festival was going on, so, on Saturday, we headed that way for lunch. This event is put on by the local Greek Orthodox Church and let me tell you, it was impressive. It’s a 3 day sha-bang and while we were there they told us that they had fed 9,000 people the day before. That’s insane! Especially for a 3-day event organized by a relatively small group of people. Leave it to me to be interested in the logistics of a food service operation. Anyways, after 20-30 minutes of waiting in line, we finally got our food and it was delicious!

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My Thoughts On The “Organic Study”

Last week, news broke on a study out of Stanford University comparing organic foods to their conventionally grown counterparts. The main message I heard in the media was something along the lines of “study finds organic food not any healthier than conventional food.” Reporters would then go into a few specifics of the study and move on to the next story. I was on the fence on posting about this since I haven’t read the full study, but since I’ve gotten quite a few questions about it in the last week, I thought I could at least discuss some of the details we do know from what has been released in the media. While this may not be the most complete analysis, I do think there are some important points that got brushed over in the media for the sake of a good headline. Here are my top takeaways. Continue reading