Recipe: Sweet Potato Waffles

I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good waffle. With their toasty goodness and those cute little indentations that are perfect for holding maple syrup, what’s not to love? Also, they can be eaten with tons of yummy toppings including nuts, fresh berries, and sliced bananas. I’m also a fan because you can make a big batch on the weekend and then freeze some for an easy breakfast that simply requires a quick trip to the toaster.

Sweet Potato Waffle

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New Cookbooks!

I love a good cookbook. Besides being full of delicious recipes, they can also provide inspiration and promote the addition of new techniques and skills to one’s repertoire. With that said, I received some wonderful cookbooks (along with lots of other foodie gifts) as Christmas and birthday presents. Below I’ve listed three that I think would be good additions to anyone’s shelf, but also fill niches that can be difficult to address. I’m going to post a review of each after I get a chance to cook through them a bit. I’ll try to work though one at a time, but they all look so amazing I might have to skip around just a little bit.

1. Moosewood Restaurant New Classics

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How to Detox the Right Way


You all know I’m a big believer in the dangers of toxins in our environment. From the pesticides sprayed on our crops and chemicals in our food supply to the ingredients in our beauty products, we are bombarded by toxins each and every day. However, the often popular detox diets are not the answer. Even the most health-savvy individuals can be seduced by a too-good-to-be-true detox diet plan. With promises of fast weight loss, increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, clear skin, and more, it can be quite tempting. Why are these diets ineffective and even dangerous? For one, they are often centered around an overly restrictive, low-calorie, starvation-style eating pattern. This wrecks your hormones, bringing your metabolism to a screeching halt, and results in under-consumption of vitamins and minerals important for basic body processes and health. Plus, once the dieter returns to a normal eating pattern, the weight quickly comes back, along with a few extra pounds.

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