GMOs Part 2: Where They Are and How to Choose Foods Without Them

After digesting (har-har) some of the information in my previous post, you may want to know more about where GMOs lurk in our food supply and how to avoid them. At this stage of the game, GMOs are not labeled, so you’re going to have to play detective a little bit. However, once you know the tricks, choosing GMO free food will be second nature. Here are some tips to remember when you’re strolling down the grocery store aisle.

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GMOs Part 1: What They Are and Why We Should Avoid Them

One of the biggest food issues right now is the growth and consumption of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Many consumer groups are pushing for labeling of GMOs while others want to see them outlawed all together. On the other hand,

Mature soybeans

the companies that produce these products claim that GMOs are perfectly safe. With so much information swirling around and many questions left unanswered, you may be feeling confused about what these foods are and what their impact is on our lives and overall health. This is an issue I feel passionately about, so here’s what I think you need to know about GMOs.

1. You’re eating them right now.

In my conversations with people, the one thing I have found most disturbing is that many consumers think that the GMO debate is about introducing this technology into the food system. What they don’t know is that these products are the basis for the majority of processed foods in the U.S. today. Corn and soy are two of the biggest players, and you’re likely to find one, if not both, in nearly every processed food on the shelf. Just one more reason to ditch that pre-packaged garbage and choose whole foods instead. Continue reading

How to Eat Well at Any Event

This weekend, I attended the wedding of two of my friends and it got me thinking, events like these can be a challenge for those trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The combination of an endless sea of delicious food and an atmosphere of overindulgence can send even the most health conscious heading back for another helping at the buffet or contemplating a second slice of cake. With that in mind, I’ve outlined a few simple strategies that you can use to enjoy your party, wedding, whatever without that “I should have worn bigger pants” feeling or  a regretful trip to the scale the next morning.

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Gameday Food Without the Guilt

With football season underway, many of us will spend our weekends tailgating or munching away in front of the TV.

Me standing in the rain at Redskins Training Camp a few years ago.

However, gameday festivities don’t have to be centered around greasy processed foods with little in the way of nutrition. Now don’t worry, I’m not trying to take away your burgers and replace them with celery sticks. With just a few simple swaps and some new ideas, you’ll be on your way to a healthier get together without sacrificing flavor.

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Want to Make Vegetables Delectable? Try Roasting!

I must admit, I’m a veggie lover. My mom even says that, as a child, while everyone else at a birthday party headed for the cake, I would make a beeline for the vegetable tray. As I grew, I began to realize that not everyone had the same adoration for  broccoli florets and celery sticks as I did. However, there is one preparation method that can make veggies a little easier to eat, even delicious, for those who don’t share my passion for produce: roasting.

Mixture of roasted red onions, bell peppers, yellow zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, and cherry tomatoes.

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The Rundown on Yogurt and a Recipe!

Yogurt could definitely be called one my diet staples (I usually eat it once or even twice a day). Why the obsession? It’s delicious and easy to serve up in bowl for breakfast or throw in my lunch box for snack. However, there are benefits to eating yogurt other than its taste and convenience.

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